Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hello Everyone,
Long time I know. It has been such a busy year for me and things are going great. I have been running crazy with the Architecture Firm here in Utah. Designing schools from elementary to a New High School.
I often think of the Mini-Architectural world and love seeing all the great things that are happening! I feel bad that I missed the DWR event in SF and gather it was a wonderful show.

That said, my mini creative juices have been flowing and my urge to tinker with things have caused me to design a 1:24 scale version of Mini House1. (We could call it Mini-Mini House 1, or something...haha) I just wanted to see if this would interest anyone out there in the mini world? The shipping challenge has been a huge issue with these houses and I think this would be mitigated with the 1:24 scale...and keep shipping costs way down.

So, let me know your thoughts on this... dolls and furniture availability? etc.


  1. Wow! Interesting, Wes. I posted a link on my blog sidebar so people can weigh in. I am not aware of a lot of modern 1:24 collecting and I don't believe Paris or minimodernistas is working in that scale (yet!), but there may be interest. ELF offers 1/2" scale, though. I know I struggle with where to keep my houses, so I might take the mini mini leap. Any idea of cost?

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  3. Hi! I just posted above under my daughter's name, she used the computer before me and had to delete it.
    The MH1 is so fun and easy to play with that maybe one in Lundby world scale would work. (is that 3/4 to an inch?)
    I am thinking of adding on another wing to mine it if you have any more in 1:12. CM

  4. what is your name and profile? they are looking for you on aesthetic outburst