Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hello Everyone,
Long time I know. It has been such a busy year for me and things are going great. I have been running crazy with the Architecture Firm here in Utah. Designing schools from elementary to a New High School.
I often think of the Mini-Architectural world and love seeing all the great things that are happening! I feel bad that I missed the DWR event in SF and gather it was a wonderful show.

That said, my mini creative juices have been flowing and my urge to tinker with things have caused me to design a 1:24 scale version of Mini House1. (We could call it Mini-Mini House 1, or something...haha) I just wanted to see if this would interest anyone out there in the mini world? The shipping challenge has been a huge issue with these houses and I think this would be mitigated with the 1:24 scale...and keep shipping costs way down.

So, let me know your thoughts on this... dolls and furniture availability? etc.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Thanks everyone for the kind encouragement.

I apologize for my limited availability but I have been crazy busy designing big buildings. Things are going great in that aspect!

MH1 is a great house. I really like it and it has been well received. I have recived many requests for this house and will be willing to start an order list so I can build a few at a time.

Email me at if you are interrested in MH1.

The story with MH2 is: it was too large to ship and very difficult to build for the price I was letting it go for. So, unless I get a VERY interested buyer, I think that design is limited.

I have thought of making a smaller version of that house that could be shipped easier but have not developed plans to do so yet. Sorry.

Thanks Again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mini House1 has gone Modular!!

Due to the many inquires of if Minihouse1 can be purchased in separate units, My Modern Mini has listened and answered the call.

Complete Mini House1
Purchase the complete set together shown below for:

$300 us dollars+ shipping.

Main Unit
Purchase the Main Unit separately, shown below for:
$200 us dollars+ shipping.

Upper Unit

Purchase the Upper Unit separately, shown below for:

$100 us dollars+ shipping.

- See Gallery for Images of the finished Product.

- Will offer priority shipping at buyers request.

Email your order HERE.

*please allow 2-4 weeks for construction and delivery.

**More modular possibilites for Mini House1 comming soon.
(garage, guest house, pool, and pool house etc.)

For questions and/or comments click here.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Now Available: Mini House 1

We are pleased to announce the availability of the first Modern Mini from Design-Comm.
This mini house is a modern design with the traditional clean lines and open glass to the living areas.

Includes two modules: a main unit with a living, kitchen, and bathroom space, and the upper unit that could be used as the Master Bedroom. A sleek staircase links the two units. On top of the Main unit is an expansive "green roof" with a wood deck and lawn area.

Built out of MDF plywood and primed for the finish coat of your choice, Mini House 1 will be a great starter for your collection or just what you have been looking for to house your modern furniture in.

See Gallery of Images: Here

ORDER NOW for the Introductory price of:

$300.00 us dollars.

- Plus Shipping
- Will offer priority shipping at buyers request.

Email your order to:

*please allow 2-4 weeks for construction and delivery.