Sunday, April 11, 2010


Thanks everyone for the kind encouragement.

I apologize for my limited availability but I have been crazy busy designing big buildings. Things are going great in that aspect!

MH1 is a great house. I really like it and it has been well received. I have recived many requests for this house and will be willing to start an order list so I can build a few at a time.

Email me at if you are interrested in MH1.

The story with MH2 is: it was too large to ship and very difficult to build for the price I was letting it go for. So, unless I get a VERY interested buyer, I think that design is limited.

I have thought of making a smaller version of that house that could be shipped easier but have not developed plans to do so yet. Sorry.

Thanks Again.


  1. a smaller version would be great - perhaps 1:144?
    love your work so much.

  2. I love my MH1. I drag it all over my house and use all the rooms for different scenes. Yesterday a guest came over who had never been to my house and said to me "I see someone's an architect..." I had to say "'s a dollhouse"!
    It is versatile and gives instant cool to any scene. Thanks Wes, Myrealitty